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Partner with us

Our initial Phase 1 & 2 are Paramount , Once these goals are met we are able to move forward and begin opening our doors by interviewing potential residents, then the fun begins!

Phase 3 Fundraising will be our ongoing expenses to keep the home running  seamlessly.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of our fundraising will go directly to the purchase of a property here in South Orange County- North San Diego County.

Wherever we see the need is best met. 

Currently in South Orange County the waiting list for a group home is 6-10 years and this is only an estimate.

Sponsor a friend

Phase 2

Creating not only a beautiful home , but taking all safety precautions to assure that our residents are safe and comfortable in the most unrestrictive environment possible both inside and outside the home.

Meeting all state requirements.

Beginning the interviewing process and interest list as we prepare the house to welcome our first resident.

This process will take approximately 8-12 months to complete and funding will be needed during this time.

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